Kiwijet for Private Jet Charter, Lease & Rental

We have been perfecting private jet travel and believe we offer a superior experience and product.

Kiwijet will eclipse our competitors and transcend your expectations.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding private jet charter is the cost. For those travelers who fly regular coach, chartering your own aircraft is difficult to justify. If however, you fly business or first class, we invite you to read further.

Take for example a trip requiring you and three of your friends to be a thousand miles away for the weekend. If you were willing to endure the obstacles and aggravation associated with the airlines and intrusive security procedures, you would spend thousands of dollars for four first class round trip tickets.

With Kiwijet, all you have to do is drive up to the aircraft, walk on board, and take a seat. We’ll load your luggage, park your car, and have you in the air within 10 minutes all for around the same price!

Whether your flight is from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 35 minutes or London to New York in less than 8 hours, we can arrange your favorite meal in Beverly Hills or in London to be on board.

We also offer an extensive gourmet menu for your review prior to flight if you do not have a restaurant preference.

Every flight at the minimum will have daily and monthly periodicals, snacks and beverages, and an assortment of music and movies for your entertainment pleasure.

If it’s your first time flying with us we look forward to meeting your needs with enthusiasm. Should you fly with us again please know that regardless of whether you might fly with a new flight crew or flight attendant a record of your previous flights will follow you advising us of your likes and dislikes. Every detail will be recorded to ensure you will not have to ask twice no matter how trivial. We at Kiwijet learn the first time, give us a chance, we do not disappoint.

If you have flown with us before however we will have your favorite publications ready for review along with those movies you did not get a chance to watch on your last flight. We will of course have your favorite glass of wine with your meal just the way you like it as well.

On your next trip with Kiwijet, let us handle your transportation arrangements. With the amount of business we do with limousine services around the globe, allow us to extend our discount relationships with you. Our goal is to ensure that the one call you make to us will be the only phone call you will make regarding your next destination; no matter the requirements.

Even if your agenda requires you to be in Lower Manhattan for business, or the beach house in the Hamptons for some R&R, let us arrange the helicopter to meet your aircraft when you land in New York to get you there within minutes. Or, if the Northwest is your destination, a seaplane nearest your landing in Seattle to take you to that remote vacation spot.

Kiwijet on certain trips will include at no charge complimentary limousine service. Please inquire to whether your itinerary qualifies for added benefits such as this.

Kiwijet considers safety our primary concern. Any aircraft you fly on meets or exceeds the global requirements for safety and we will do everything in our power to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

All charter flights are operated with flight crew members that have been trained and certified by the governing agency for which country you are flying in. They are the last line of defense when the weather is an issue or the aircraft is having problems. We consider the flight crew the most important element of a successful flight.

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