Aircraft management can make or break an aircraft owner or lessee’s experience. An aircraft owned or leased often relies on a management company to handle every detail of the operation from employing and training of the flight crew to the purchasing or hedging of fuel.

The right management company can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on a private business jet to millions of dollars if a commercial or cargo airliner is being operated.

Contact us to see how we have saved our many clients time and money over the years operating everything from small turbo props to Boeing 747 400’s.

Fuel represents approximately forty percent of the hourly costs of an aircraft. If a mid size jet flies only forty hours a month, within a year, kiwijet Aviation’s fuel discount programs could save you over one hundred thousand dollars!

Whether we are just managing your aircraft or generating revenue with it; an established fuel program will save you money or increase margins.

As you are probably already aware, whenever a business does volume with another, discounts will apply. In aviation circles this is even more prevalent.

From our flight crews experience and frequency of training to our maintenance syllabus, we are afforded insurance terms and pricing that is impossible to attain without a company like ours.

Kiwijet considers safety our primary concern. Any aircraft you fly on meets or exceeds the global requirements for safety and we will do everything in our power to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Cruising above most weather and two miles above the airlines at 45,000 ft or higher, and occasionally over water for up to six hours at a time, maintenance is an essential ingredient in aviation. Regardless of how well the flight crew is trained, or how beautiful the weather might be, it’s irrelevant if the aircraft are not maintained to the highest standard.

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