There are only two key factors that sellers ask us. The first is “how long do you believe it will take to sell”, and second, “how much do you think the market calls for, and what do you feel you can get me”.

At Kiwijet we feel with the client base we have acquired over the years enables us to actively and effectively market your aircraft rapidly and procure interest immediately whether on market or off market. In this volatile market place there is one constant; and that is there will always be a need for private aircraft. No matter the state of the economy for some situations the scheduled airlines are just not an option.

With our real time data of the market place and the historical knowledge of your aircraft no constraints hinder this process.

Contact us regarding your situation and make your own decision after speaking with us.

The aviation business is unique. There is no college or academic institution where one can go to learn about aircraft sales and leasing or aviation management.

Living and breathing the industry certainly can aid in understanding the business like our company has but there is so much more involved. With so many variables in play utilizing the knowledge and experience we have accrued over the years enables us to extrapolate the elements required to quantify a successful execution of any type of aviation transaction.

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